turiiisssWhen it comes to exploring the effectiveness of education in the domain of travelling and tourism then this aspect becomes more obvious that tourist also loves education to a certain extent. This is because of the reason that education has become an important source for most of the tourist who belong to this modern era. With the help of education, tourism field has been extended in the best possible way and at the same time, travelers and tourists have found new ways of entertainment through education. In addition, this is a new notion which indicates that tourist already loves education because of so many reasons.

Considering the significance of education in the area of tourism or travelling, one should keep an eye on these 3 amazing facts that suggest tourist love education practically. These 3 fantastic or mind-blowing reasons are mentioned as following:

Reason # 1: Tourists obtain awareness about travelling destinations

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educatiionIn this era of advanced and fierce competition the cost of living along with accommodation has become so much expensive. As a result people are unable to attain cost effective or inexpensive education because they have to spend lot of money on their other important expenses. For that reason, they are not able to obtain high quality education. Considering the importance of education in the lives of many people there are 4 most beneficial and cost effective ways mentioned through which students can attain advance level of education successfully.

These 4 cost effective ways are described as follows:

1. YouTube:

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masyarakatThe effect of education on society is very important for everyone. In different countries the traditions of nation/society are totally change and effect of education on society is some time positive and sometime negative. We have a very strong reason for the negative and positive effect for those people they do not believe on education and his impact. But the main thing is that the education is very necessary thing for every country, religion, men, women, society, etc. Without education is not impossible to survive in this fast time. It’s a simple introduction of our article and now come to point.

We discuss here the positive effect of education on society because the education gives the society right way for good atmosphere. Education give the good and hard worker people to the society. Education change the mind level of people and give the positive thinking about society family and etc. Financial position of man who involved in study matters is totally changed and he very happy. When education effect on society positive so the society grew up and the country level is better. Basically a man who know the value of education and he learn the education mean and understand the education so this man is very success full in life.

Education effect to the economic system and social atmosphere in a society. The relationship between education and culture in most important because the touch of both things is valuable for society. Many types of organization works in society for education to improve the value of education. In our country Pakistan system of education is very weak because the no one maintain the level of education in our country. Only higher level education in Pakistan is better than other level of study and education in our society. The literacy rate of Pakistan is very bad and the ratio of students in schools, college, and university is very bad. But day by day the ratio is increase in good numbers and it’s very good for Pakistan.

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25There has been an increasing body of research over the last few years about the connection between mental and physical health. Here & Now has looked at mindfulness and how traits like curiosity and empathy can affect the shapes of our brains. Today we look at another aspect of that connection: spirituality.

Research shows, for example, that children who have positive active relationships to spirituality are 40 percent less likely to use and abuse substances, and have 60 percent less depression than other teenagers. There are also differences in the brain structure.

Lisa Miller, director of Columbia University’s Clinical Psychology Program, draws on that research, combining it with her personal observations, in her new book “The Spiritual Child: The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving.”

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